About me

Born in the Northern side of Italy, I spent my youth between the countryside of Busto Arsizio (VA) and the lovely mountains of Val D’Ossola.

Musician since I was a kid, traveller and photographer since I was a teenager; geek for curiosity, graphic & web designer for necessity; and all those things together for a living.

I’ve always been a hopeless, incurable social and political activist, unsuccessfully trying to bound together left and right movements. I didn’t obtain much anyway, except for an incredible amount of bile reflux.

As a musician I’ve always written my own music, founding three bands I’m very proud of, touring Europe and releasing more than 12 albums in 20 years (check out my music page »).
During the era of so-called Celtic Tiger I had a few friends living and working in Dublin, so I spent large part of those years going up and down from Italy to Ireland, almost every week; that’s how I fell in love with Irish music, society and culture, something that definitely changed my life.

My passion for music also brought me to learn the magical profession of sound engineering, pulling knobs and randomly moving faders both in live and studio situations; three years at Studio Decibel in Busto Arsizio (VA, Italy), now I work in my private recording studio and collaborate with Albero Musicale in Saronno (VA, Italy).

I’m definitely a sport enthusiast: rugby, road cycling (a passion I inherited from my grandfather), but I also used to play football and boxe. I’m a mountain lover: hiking, climbing, skiing, alpinism.
I basically just love doing anything.

I builded this personal website mainly to share my photographic works with everyone interested in it. I’ve never been a social network lad, but I got to work with many of them now, so… here are my pages:

What is he?
-A man, of course.
Yes, but what does he do?
-He lives and is a man.

Oh quite! But he must work. He must have a job of some sort
Because obviously he’s not one of the leisured classes.
-I don’t know. He has lots of leisure. And he makes quite beautiful chairs.

There you are then! He’s a cabinet maker.
-No, no
Anyhow a carpenter and a joiner.
-Not at all.

But you said so
-What did I say?
That he made chairs and was a joiner and carpenter
-I said he made chairs, but I did not say he was a carpenter.

All right then he is just an amateur?
-Perhaps! would you say a thrush was a professional flautist, or just an amateur?

I’d say it was just a bird
-And I say he is just a man.

“What Is He” – D.H. Lawrence